Physical Education

Winslow School 1 Physical Education

Appropriate Attire
·         Standard uniform polo shirts and/or sweaters are acceptable
·         Khaki dresses, skirts, pants, and shorts
·         T-Shirts may be worn, but MUST be SOLID grey or dark green
·         Gym shorts/sweatpants may be worn, but must also be SOLID grey or dark green
· NO LOGOS unless Spirit Wear
· Sneakers are Mandatory

Physical Education Events:

Kids Heart Challenge

1st Grade Funfest & Other Night Events!
               *This event showcases our 3rd Grade Student of the Year Candidates as they help out our 1st Grade Students enjoy a fun-filled night with friends and family!
School 1 Fun Day! 
               *Culminating event for the entire School 1 Community!

More details/events to come!

Physical Education Links:

Kids Heart Challenge - American Heart Association