School One Art Class  

Home Activities Instructions: 

These projects are focused on the elements of art that we have been studying.  Complete one project each week and use any art materials that you would like for the projects.  You can use any sheet of paper to complete the project directions below. 


Project #1 Practice Drawing Shapes    

Directions: Draw a design using squares, circles, and triangles.  Try to draw different sizes of each shape. If you want you can use a ruler or compass and any kind of drawing art materials.  You can arrange the shapes however you would like in your design.  Any kind of paper will work for this project.   


Project #2 Observation Drawing Project 

Directions: Pick a toy, stuffed animal, or something from outside like a flower or leaf to look at and draw for this project.  Use a pencil and any kind of paper to draw on is fine.  After you draw the object you can practice holding your pencil sideways and use the side of your pencil point to add textures and shading to the drawing.  Look at the object as you are drawing and try to draw what you see.    


Project #3 Primary Colors  

Directions:  Use the worksheet or draw your own design of squares and rectangles.  Color the design using only the primary colors: red, blue and yellow. 


Project #4 Abstract Design 

Directions:  Draw and color an abstract design using the Elements of Art: line, shape, and color.  You can choose the materials and paper that you use for this project.  Remember to focus on using the elements of art as the focus of the abstract picture! 

The optional project sheets that can be printed for these activities are at the bottom of this page under files.