Library News
Welcome to the Library!

Irene Sheridan, Librarian

Students visit the library once a week for 35 minutes. First, second, and third graders borrow one book each week. Books are returned the following library day. Kindergarten students will begin borrowing library books in February.

During library classes, students enjoy listening to fiction and nonfiction books on a variety of subjects. Lower grades learn about book care, parts of a book, and various elements of both literary and informational titles. Upper grades are learning to use the online library catalog to search for books by title, author, or subject. This is an important skill that carries over to other types of internet searches.

Reading Tip for Parents: Take turns reading aloud with your child

One way to encourage older students to read a book is by taking turns reading with them. After they read a chapter, discuss it, and then switch roles for the following chapter. By reading aloud together the parent is able to determine the child’s level of comprehension. With younger children, have them read one page, then you read the next. You also have the added benefit of sharing quality time with your kids by reading together.