The music program at School One will examine a wide variety of musical principles and elements within a classroom setting. Elementary music instruction will build upon but are not limited to music fundamental concepts such as; melody, rhythm, counterpoint, harmony, form, tonal systems, scales, tuning, intervals, consonance, dissonance, the acoustics of pitch systems, composition, performance, orchestration, ornamentation, improvisation, and electronic sound production.

At School One, we believe that every child will attend college and attain crucial dexterity to become future leaders. Therefore the music department is directly connected to academic achievement. Students will undergo a rigorous curriculum aligned to the state standards to promote a winter and spring concert. Students will moreover meet music standard goals while closing literacy and math gaps through Creating,Performing,Responding,and Connecting to the world of visual and performing arts

While many studies on music’s benefits focus on their association with higher SAT scores in college or student involvement in elementary school, the perks of a music education can actually begin much earlier. Students will further become exposed to a host of musical instruments,musical styles,vocal arrangements and listening examples to promote academic scholars in the 21st Century.

Mr. Stokes
Teacher of Music